Bill Riordan


imageIt’s amazing how quickly time moves. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was announcing that I was joining the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project. And it doesn’t seem much longer after that that we were announcing our first, then our second, round of Knight-Mozilla Fellows. And…



  1. When advertising agencies tell you they want something (higher quality content, long-form content, specific demographics, lean-back content, stuff that looks like tv) it’s not our job to attempt to deliver those things. In a world where the user really does get to choose, the content created to satisfy the needs and wants of viewers (not advertisers) will always reign supreme (thankfully.)

This is why big publishers are having such enormous difficulty with online video. They’re not making video for the people who watch online video: they’re making video for advertisers. And that doesn’t work.

Receipt for a $0.45 transaction at the Post Office. #killreceipts

Receipt for a $0.45 transaction at the Post Office. #killreceipts

Barack Obama Being Adorable with Adorable Children

This would actually be pretty funny if textbooks weren’t used for, um, educating children.